You’ve probably already heard from friends that a Kids Smart Watch with GPS is exactly what you need in your life … but where do you start?

There are fortunes of Kids Smart Watches with GPS functionality available on the market – once you hit the online stores it is a mine field out there. Furthermore, reading the reviews are even more confusing!While some people complain about battery life, geo-fences and apps  others again report on how the same tracker changed their lives!

Entering the world of tracking children using GPS and Kids Smartwatches  is like any other tech field – you need to understand the specs and speak the language! That, my friend, was the reason for this site!

So, if you’re completely lost about what to buy and what you need … you’re at the right place now! We have studied numerous, no millions, of reviews and review sites apart from actually testing some of these Kids SmartWatches and GPS Discs ourselves. On this site you will find the best of the best!

We have only selected trackers from reputed manufacturers with customer care services checked by ourselves. This is not just a site where we promote any random articles in order to urge you to click on the amazon button!

This is a site with detailed info on the features and functionalities of Kids GPS Trackers combined with a summary of Review Feedback from buyers.

On this site you will find all information related to Kids GPS trackers:

  • categorized based on age
  • summaries of web reviews
  • all features and functionalities
  • pros and cons

Let us help you find your child the best Kids SmartWatch

If you need any research done on any Kids GPS Trackers, please contact us (, and we’ll do the research for you. You can give us your child’s age and specific needs and we’ll offer you the best possible products currently on the market. On the other hand, you can also give a product name, and we’ll do a thorough research on the specs and reviews of the Kids SmartWatch for you!

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