Compare GPS Trackers – your own selection

If you have your own selection of GPS trackers which you want to compare – you’re on the right page! Compare GPS trackers using our drag-and-drop tool:Compare GPS Trackers

1st step: Look at the list of GPS Trackers below the table.

2nd step: Select the first one and drag it onto the table.

3rd step: Select two more GPS Trackers and drag them onto the table.

4th step: Compare GPS trackers based on  the App and Device features as well as the Deal.

If any features are not listed for a specific device, then they are not offered by that specific GPS tracker.

Compare GPS Trackers based on these Device features:

  • Watch functionality
  • Alarm Clock
  • SOS button
  • Phone functionality
  • Text or voice Messaging
  • Touch Screen
  • Water Resistance
  • Listen-in functionality

Compare GPS Trackers based on these App Features:

  • Historical Tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Activity Tracker
  • School Mode
  • Speed Tracking

Compare GPS Trackers based on the deal:

  • Subscription fee
  • Network specific (applicable to the GPS device and not your smart phone running the related app)
  • Country specific (international use)
  • Warranty

GPS Trackers 2017

Name/Image: Rating:Price Range:Device:App:Deal:Pros:Cons:




  • Spy Tec STI GL300 Kids GPS TrackerSpy Tec STI GL300 Kids GPS Tracker
  • PawTrackerPawTracker
  • Whistle 3 GPS Pet TrackerWhistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker
  • TickTalk 1.0S Kids GPS WatchTickTalk 1.0S Kids GPS Watch
  • doki Smartwatch for Kidsdoki Smartwatch for Kids
  • Amber Alert GPS tracking deviceAmber Alert GPS tracking device
  • KiGO Kids Tracker WatchKiGO Kids Tracker Watch
  • hereO Kids Smart Watch with GPShereO Kids Smart Watch with GPS
  • AngelSense Guardian Kids TrackerAngelSense Guardian Kids Tracker
  • Trax Play Trax Play GPS Tracker for Kids , Pets and assets Trax Play Trax Play GPS Tracker for Kids , Pets and assets
  • GizmoGadget GPS WatchGizmoGadget GPS Watch
  • GizmoPal2 GPS Watch for KidsGizmoPal2 GPS Watch for Kids
  • Yepzon One GPS TrackerYepzon One GPS Tracker

Spy Tec STI GL300 Kids GPS Tracker

4.5 Star Average Rating US$60-$70SOS Button * Waterproof Case Geo-fencing * Historical tracking * Speed TrackingInternational use * T-Mobile only * 1yr Warranty Accurate & Reliable1 week actual battery lifeview pricefull review


4.5 Star Average Rating US$95-105Water proof & Shock proofHistorical Tracking * Geo-Fencing Own T-Mobile contract * Only US * Only T-Mobile * 6-month WarrantyWater proof & Shock Proof Only in T-Mobile cover areaview pricefull review

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

4 Star Average Rating US$55-65Water proofHistorical tracking * Geo-Fencing * Activity Tracker US$6-10/monthWater proofOnly AT&T networkview pricefull review

TickTalk 1.0S Kids GPS Watch

3.5 Star Average Rating US$125-130Digital Watch * Stop Watch * Alarm clock * SOS button * 2-way phone * 1-way Text Messaging * Voice messaging * Touch screen * Splash proof * Listen-in Historical Tracking * Activity Tracker * School Mode US$ 10-20/month * Only US * Only T-Mobile * 1 year Warranty Many features * Voice messagingOnly T-mobileview pricefull review

doki Smartwatch for Kids

4.5 Star Average Rating US$190-210Watch * Alarm Clock * SOS button * Video & Voice calling * Text Messaging * Touch ScreenGeo-Fencing * Activity Tracker * School ModeOwn Sim * International Usage * 1 year WarrantyMany Features ; Video CallingNo water resistanceview pricefull review

Amber Alert GPS tracking device

4 Star Average Rating US$125-130SOS button * 2-way Phone * Splashproof * Listening-inHistorical Tracking * Geo-Fencing * School Mode * Speed TrackingUS$15-20/month * US only * AT&T only * 1 year WarrantyMany FeaturesCustomer Serviceview pricefull review

KiGO Kids Tracker Watch

4 Star Average Rating US$160-170Watch * SOS button * Text Messaging (images) * WaterproofHistorical TrackingUS$8-10/month * International Usage * 2 Year Warranty International Usage & WaterproofVery Few App featuresview pricefull review

hereO Kids Smart Watch with GPS

3 Star Average Rating US$200-210Watch * SOS button * SplashproofHistorical Tracking * Geo-FencingUS$0-6/month * International Usage * WarrantyVery DiscreeetCustomer Service Not Goodview pricefull review

AngelSense Guardian Kids Tracker

4.5 Star Average Rating US$99-150Phone (GPS2) * Splashproof * Listening-inHistorical Tracking * Geo-Fencing * School mode * Speed TrackingUS$40-50/month * US only * T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon * Warranty * Designed for Special Needs KidsBattery Lifeview pricefull review

Trax Play Trax Play GPS Tracker for Kids , Pets and assets

3.5 Star Average Rating US$95-110SplashproofHistorical Tracking * Geo-Fencing * Speed TrackingUS$4-10/month * International * 2G T-Mobile * 1 Year WarrantyInternational UseNo 2-way Communicationview pricefull review

GizmoGadget GPS Watch

4 Star Average Rating US$150-160Digital Watch * Stop Watch * 2-way Phone * Text Messaging * Touch Screen * Water ResistantGeo-Fencing * Activity Tracker * School ModeUS$ 25-110/month * US only * Verizon Only * 1 yr WarrantyMany FeaturesVerizon onlyview pricefull review

GizmoPal2 GPS Watch for Kids

3.5 Star Average Rating US$80-90Voice clock Watch * Two-way Phone * Water Resistant * Listening-in Geo-Fencing * School ModeUS$15-110 monthly subscription * Only US * Verizon only * 1yr Warranty100% age appropriateVerizon onlyview pricefull review

Yepzon One GPS Tracker

3.5 Star Average Rating US$125-135Battery life of 2 weeks-2 months * Splash proofHistorical tracking US$10-11/mo * T-Mobile 2G network * 24 mo WarrantyLong battery life * International useNo geo- fencingview pricefull review