Amber Alert GPS Tracking Device

Product Name:Amber Alert GPS tracking device
Price Range:US$125-130
Device:SOS button * 2-way Phone * Splashproof * Listening-in
App:Historical Tracking * Geo-Fencing * School Mode * Speed Tracking
Deal:US$15-20/month * US only * AT&T only * 1 year Warranty
Pros:Many Features
Cons:Customer Service

The Amber Alert GPS Tracking Device is an AT&T  device which offers a wide range of functionalities.

You can use this GPS tracking device as a personal tracker for children and adults as well as an asset tracker. You can actually slip this GPS tracking device into your teenager’s car and track his ways as well as the speed of travelling. This device can be totally discreet as it doesn’t function primarily as a watch wearable, even though it can be attached to the wrist or the ankle.

Parents can monitor the GPS Tracking Device directly  from the tracking portal on the Amber Alert website  or otherwise from the Amber Alert app for Parents. There is also an app (Amber Alert for Teens) available which you can link to your teen’s smart phone and use that as your tracking device. And, as if that is not enough, you can download the tracking history of the past 90 days and check where your angel has been roaming.

Furthermore, the Amber Alert also offers two-way communication between the wearer and the primary care giver … pretty much like a phone with only one contact. 

We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

GPS Tracking Device Functionalities

  • Accessories: Yes.

    A larn yard, carrying pouch and wrist/ankle pouch are all included in the Amber Alert pack when you buy your device.

  • Alarm Clock: No.

  • Battery Life: Up to 48 hours under usual circumstances with 5 min tracking intervals.

    Initial charging takes 4 hours and should be near a window to ensure an easy GPS fix. You are strongly advised not to use any other chargers than the Amber Alert charger provided as it can cause malfunctioning of the device.

  • Colors: Pink, Blue, Green and Black.

  • Discreet: Could be 100% discreet.

    The Amber Alert device can be attached directly to a person (on the arm or leg) or to an asset (like a school bag). You can therefore hide the device completely by simply placing it inside a bag or attaching it to the child’s leg under long pants.

  • Entertainment: No.

  • Listening-In: Yes.

    You can Call & Listen to get an idea of exactly what is going on in your child’s immediate surroundings.

  • Phone Functionality: Yes.Two-way communication.

    You can call your child any time and your child also call you with the simple touch of a button. Voice communication is only possible between the child and the primary caregiver (probably one of the parents) and the device will only accept a call from this primary number. You can, however, program 10 other people’s numbers from the Amber Alert app – these people can all have access to the location of your child and receive alerts.

  • SOS Button: Yes.

    Your child can send an SOS alert by pressing and holding the big SOS button on the front of the Black Amber Alert GPS tracking deviceAmber Alert device. This will call the primary number and send out an e-mail alert notification to the other authorized caregivers.

  • Size: Average – bulky (depending on the age of the child)

    The  dimensions are as follows: 2.8″ (L) , 1.5 ” (W) and 0.8″ (H) and the weight is 2.35 ounces.

  • Text Messaging: No.

  • Touch Screen: No, there is no screen.

    The centre blue light on the Amber Alert device indicates that the device is switched on and also has a GSM/cellular connection. There is a 2nd blue light on the right side of the LED panel which is the GPS indicator – it shows solid blue for a few seconds when a GPS fix has been obtained. On the left side of the device is a red light which shows solid red during charging.

  • Tracking Range: Very good

    The Amber Alert GPS device uses GPS tracking partnered with the AT&T 3G network. Tracking updates can be customized as you need it, or you can keep it at the default setting of every 5 minutes.

  • User Age: Any.

  • Warranty: Yes.

    Amber Alert provides a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Watch Functionality: No.

  • Water Resistant: Yes, but not water proof .

    This means that the device is splash proof, but cannot be submerged into water.

  • What’s in the box?

    This depends on where you’re buying it – strange hey? I would’ve thought there is a standard package at a standard price.  At the moment Amazon is out of stock, so you can buy from AT&T (who were also out of stock at the time) or from the Amber Alert website. When buying from the AmberAlert website the following items are included in the Amber Alert GPS Pack at a price of $125:

    • an Amber Alert GPS locator,Blue Amber Alert wrist pouch for the GPS Tracking Device
    • a  larn yard,
    • a  carrying pouch,
    • a wrist/ankle pouch,
    • a face plate,
    • a wall charger
    • a quick start guide

When buying from AT&T , only the device (with an embedded sim card) and the wall charger are in the pack. The pouches as well as the larn yard have to be purchased separately. As the device is not currently available from the AT&T online shop, we could not confirm any current prices.

App Features

  • App Name: Amber Alert Parent App

    This is a smart tracking app (which can be downloaded on an Android or iOS smart phone) that uses GPS  and GSM ( 3G) to detect location. You can set up multiple Amber Alert tracking devices using one app & dashboard. However, the Amber Alert GPS Tracking device can also be accessed via the online Dashboard accessed from the Amber Alert Website.


  • App Name: Amber Alert GPS Teen

    You can download this App onto your child’s smart phone (Android or iOS) and used to track the phone. However,  you can only use this app once you’ve purchased an Amber Alert device – reason being that you cannot link your teen’s phone to the tracking app/portal unless you can insert a number available on the back of the Amber Alert GPS tracking device. So, once you’ve purchased one of these devices, you can try to use your teen’s phone as a tracking device.

    Simply download the app onto your teen’s phone and register. And, within seconds you can actually see a map on the phone with the location of the phone indicated (make sure that location tracking is activated on your child’s phone). Now you can go to the Amber Alert tracking portal and register. This is where you can actually monitor the movements of your teen’s phone or of course you can download the parent app and track the phone from there.

  • Activity Tracker: No.

  • Alerts: All alerts are delivered by Email only. There are 12 types of e-mail alerts:

    • Zone-In Alert: Your child arrived at a pre-determined location.
    • Zone-Out Alert: Your child has departed a pre-determined location.
    • SOS Alert: Your child pressed the SOS button.
    • Speed Alert: Your child surpassed a pre-determined speed threshold.
    • Predator Alert: Your child is within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home.
    • Low Battery Alert: Your child’s Amber Alert GPS tracker is running low on battery.
    • Breadcrumb Alert: Your child’s Amber Alert GPS tracker sends location information on a pre-selected time interval.
    • School Ready Enabled: Blocks Incoming calls to the Amber Alert GPS tracking devicer.
    • School Ready Disabled: Enable Incoming calls to the Amber Alert GPS tracking device.
    • Device-On Alert: Your child’s Amber Alert GPS tracker is ON.
    • Device-Off Alert: Your child’s Amber Alert GPS tracker is OFF.
    • Inactivity Alert: Your child’s Amber Alert GPS tracker has not reported a location in 4 hours.

Each email alert will include the name of the alert (e.g. SOS), the name of the zone, the name of the product (you might have more than one device linked to the tracking portal/app) and GPS location of the specific device at the time of the alert.

  • Compatibility: The app can be downloaded on Android (from the Google Play store)or iOS device (from iTunes)

    Please note that you can currently not download the Parent mobile app  onto Blackberry or Windows smart phones. If you have any of these phones, you can simply use the browser to access the Tracking portal directly from the Amber Alert website.

  • Geo-Fencing: Yes.

    You can set up as many as 20 safe zones around designated locations. You will receive notification alerts whenever your child enters and exits these zones.

  • Historical Tracking (timeline): Yes.

    You can view a 90-day activity history on the Dashboard and actually download it as well.

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes.

    You will reveive an alert when the device is turned ON/OFF or is inactive for a period of time.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes.

    The breadcrumbing functionality can show your child’s location at regular intervals pre-determined by you on the Amber Alert App. You can view these updates on a map to see your child’s path of movement.

  • Reminders: No.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: No.

  • School mode: Yes

    You can set the School Ready Mode from the Amber Alert App to ensure that the device does not accept any calls during the set time frame.

  • Speed Tracking: Yes.

    From the Amber Alert app you can set a maximum speed. Whenever the GPS Tracking Device exceeds this speed limit,you will receive a notification on your phone.  This functionality can also send you a life saving alert when your child enters a vehicle whilst they should actually still be walking.

  • User manual: Find it here.

  • Brand-specific features: Predator alert.

    This functionality will alert you when your child enters a neighborhood where a sex offender lives. The Amber Alert GPS tracking devicer uses the US Department of Justice’s Dru Sjopdin National Sex Offender database and pushes a Predator Alert when your child passes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s residence.


  • Ease of set up and usage: Average.

    Some people reported that they needed to phone the technical assistance in order to set up the Amber Alert Tracking device and link it to the Amber Alert App.

  • Customer Support: Yes.

    Technical support: call 888-334-3958 or reach out via e-mail at

  • International Usage: No.

    The Amber Alert GPS Tracking device can only be tracked inside the US and within the AT&T service area.

  • Subscription: Yes.

    The Amber Alert GPS pack comes with an active pre-installed AT&T sim card – a monthly service plan needs to be purchased as well. Amber Alert offers the following Monthly Plan Options (no contracts needed, so you can end your subscription at any time)on the AT&T network only:

    • Basic Plan: includes 30 voice minutes, 150 text messages at about $15/month.
    • Advanced Plan: includes 30 voice minutes, 300 text messages at about $18/month.
  • Want to rather watch a video? Okay … click here.

Review Summary

The phone functionality on this GPS tracking device is also different from most other tracking discs and a very useful feature. The Amber Alert is a very popular and powerful GPS tracking device which offers a wide range of features and functionalities. Most happy customers applaud the Amber Alert for all the features related to GPS tracking: geo-fencing, real-time tracking (“breadcrumbing”), listen-in and the historical time line.

The Deal

Included here is advice from the users as well as the customer service team.


Make sure that you can download the app on your model Samsung galaxy phone because this has been an issue in the past. Seems like they have attended to this issue with the new App upgrades.

Pros: offers many features

  • Two-way voice communication
  • Discreet
  • Breadcrumbing functionality
  • No age restriction
  • Predator alert
  • Sight impaired people can use it

Cons: Customer support

  • Most of the negative reviews centres around unhappiness with regards to customer service, and specifically, technical support. Please rather use the user guide to assist you in the setting up of the GPS tracking device. Seems like the  Quick set up guide provided with the product does not give enough information to successfully complete the set up.



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