AngelSense Guardian – GPS Tracker for Kids

Product Name:AngelSense Guardian Kids Tracker
Price Range:US$99-150
Device:Phone (GPS2) * Splashproof * Listening-in
App:Historical Tracking * Geo-Fencing * School mode * Speed Tracking
Deal:US$40-50/month * US only * T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon * Warranty *
Pros:Designed for Special Needs Kids
Cons:Battery Life

An AngelSense GPS tracker for kids offers a tracking disk designed  for children with special needs, and more specifically for children with autism. Of course this device can also be extremely valuable to track any person who cannot necessarily communicate on demand: AngelSense GPS tracker for kidsbabies, toddlers and older people suffering from dementia.

This GPS tracker for kids  is a monitoring as well as communication solution for people with special needs whether based on age or a medical condition.

If you, such as, receive a notification alerting you that the wearer is  not on the bus, then you have a few options: you can first switch to runner mode whereby you receive location updates every 10s (this is draining on the battery so you won’t keep it on all the time). You can then “call”the AngelSense device and you can listen in to get a good idea of what is going on in the wearer’s immediate surroundings.

The power of this device lies in the detailed, constant notifications about your child’s movements: this GPS tracker for kids will enable you to always know where your child is and, most importantly, supply you with the tools to find your child when he is in an unknown area.

AngelSense GPS tracker for kids

AngelSense updated their first device and is offering the AngelSense GPS 2 tracking device now:

AngelSense Guardian GPS 1 and AngelSense Guardian GPS 2 (an upgrade to the first one).

Please note the differences:

  1. Cellular Network:  AT&T or T-Mobile (GPS 1) and Verizon (GPS 2)
  2. AngelCall: only available on GPS 2 device.
  3. Size:  GPS 1 device: 3.03 (l) x 1.85 (w) x 0.78 (d) in. and  the GPS 2 device: 4.31 (l) x 2.32 (w) x 0.47 (d) in.
  4. Weight: 2.3 oz. (GPS 1) and 3.99 oz. (GPS 2)
  5. Water resistant cover: N/A (GPS 1) and Yes (GPS 2)


We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

GPS Tracker for Kids Functionalities

  • Accessories: Yes. You can buy a special belt as well as replacement accessories:

    magnetic fasteners, magnetic keys, protective sleeves, chargers and batteries. You can buy all these accessories directly from the AngelSense Shop on the AngelSense App.

    The AngelSense belt is a good balance between softness and durability with60%Polyester and 40% Cotton. You can wear it in many ways:*like a normal belt through belt hoops, over clothes, under clothes (good option to keep it discreet and safe) or wrapped around the ankle/wrist (this is also a good overnight option). You can order the AngelSense belt  in a Toddler size (waist < 21″ and with a clip to close), a Small  (waist 21″- 27″), a Medium (waist 27″- 35″), a Large (waist 35″- 43″) and XL (waist 43″ – 53″) .

  • Alarm Clock: N/A.

  • Battery Life: GPS1 : about 12 – 16 hours.GPS2 : about 24 hours.AngelSense GPS tracker for kids

    The GPS tracker for kids normally charges fully within 4 hours.

  • Colors: Black

  • Discreet: Can be 100% discreet, depending on where you attach it.

    Simply based on the look of tracking devices, some are much more discreet than others. The main purpose of personal tracking is to track the location of the wearer without strangers noticing it. In the case of a crime situation (such as, a kidnapping) a tracking device would most definitely be removed immediately if recognized. Non-wearable tracking devices can be attached much more discreetly than wearables.

  • Entertainment: N/A.

  • Listening-In: Yes.

    You can call the AngelSense device at any time and actually listen-in to the sounds in your child’s immediate surroundings. The sound is not great – exactly what you can expect when, for example, you leave your phone in your pocket and switch on the microphone. There is no recording feature though.  You can disable the Listening-in functionality for school-guardians using the School Dashboards (AngelSense App). These School-Guardians are given permission by the Main Guardian (probably, you) to use the Listening-in schedule and edit it so that it would be disabled during certain hours of the day.

  • Phone Functionality: Yes, but it is different for the two devices:

    GPS1 device offers only one-way communication: the AngelSense can receive phone calls, but not make them. The child (or wearer) can not communicate with the parent (or care giver) – it is simply a listen-in functionality for the parent. The person who bought the AngelSense service is regarded as the Primary Guardian. The Primary Guardian can add and configure any number of guardians. However, only two numbers can have access to the listen-in functionality.

    GPS2 device offers two-way communication via the AngelCall Functionality.  With this functionality you, as the parent can  talk to the child without him needing to click anything. This way you can actually give the child a bit more independence knowing that you can always help from a distance. This functionality can also help your to calm your child when they might be in a stress situation.

  • SOS Button: No. The SOS and call buttons on the GPS 1 device are for future use and special trouble shooting operations

    It is strange as you would think that the clearly marked SOS button is actually functioning, but it doesn’t. Only the on/off buttons are used  with the GPS 2 device as well.

  • Size:  The new GPS 2 is longer and wider than the older device, but it is much thinner.

    GPS1 : 3.03 (l) x 1.85 (w) x 0.78 (d) in.

    GPS2 : 4.31 (l) x 2.32 (w) x 0.47 (d) in.

  • Tamper Proof: Yes.AngelSense GPS tracker for kids

    The AngelSense device comes with a protective sleeve which you use to secure the tracker to the child’s clothing. You will do this using tamper-proof fasteners which you can release again with a magnetic key. Some special needs kids do have a tendency to take off their clothes and run away: in this case you would rather use the belt option instead of clipping this GPS tracker for kids to the child’s clothes.

  • Text Messaging: No.

  • Touch Screen: No.

  • Tracking Range: Good

    The tracking range of this GPS tracker for kids is only limited by the cellular coverage. GPS technology is very ineffective indoors as the line of sight to the satelites is disrupted. However, AngelSense have certain tools to work around this problem. With the GPS 1 device , you can use the AngelSense app to see a trail of the child’s movements as well as the child’s entrance point to the indoor location. The GPS 2 device features the Indoor tracking

  • User Age: Special needs kids and adults.Toddlers.

  • Warranty:  Not a formal warranty, but some commitment.

    AngelSense customer care indicated on the website that the company will repair or replace at no cost to the customer any defective parts of the product. This is of course excluding cases of: unauthorized use, use not in accordance with instructions provided by the AngelSense, loss of the device, damage caused by the customer, water damage, and damage to the charging port. It is important to know that in any event the customer will end up having to pay the associated costs of delivery and replacement batteries.

    AngelSense Offers a 30 day risk free money-back guarantee.

  • Watch Functionality: No.

  • Water Resistant: Both of the AngelSense devices are splash proof and not water proof.

    They should not be submerged into water. The AngelSense GPS 1 & 2 will continue to operate even if it is attached to wet clothes. The GPS 2 device has a protective cover.

  • What’s in the box?

    The following items are included in the AngelSense Subscriber Kit:AngelSense GPS tracker for kids

      • an AngelSense Gardian GPS 1 tracking device
      • a specially designed protective sleeve
      • 3 magnetic fasteners to secure the sleeve to the garment
      • 1 magnetic key to open the fasteners
      • a  charger

App Features

  • App Name: AngelSense™

    You can download the App from GooglePlay (if the caregiver’s device is an Android) or iTunes (if the caregiver’s device is an Apple device).



  • Activity Tracker: No.

  • Compatibility: Android and iOS. You can also download the App  onto your PC.

  • Geo-Fencing: Yes

    With the AngelSense tracking device you as care giver can set as many Geo-fences as you want with no size limit. You can also use scheduling if you want to check specific geo-fenced areas on certain days. You will receive an unknown place alert if your child enters any unfamiliar places. You will be asked to label this place for future reference if you are comfortable with your child being there.

  •  Historical Tracking (timeline): Yes.

    The AngelSense timeline is a daily activity log of all locations and transit reports of the past 24 hours.

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes

    At the bottom of the browser window (when viewing the AngelSense App) is a permanent status bar which displays the status of the AngelSense device: Battery life, GPS signal and Cell phone signal.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes, this is a LIVE tracking device.

    The tracking can be extremely detailed depending on the information the guardian (which would probably be the parent or care giver) entered in the App. You will receive notifications whenever your child arrives at or leaves destinations previously labeled by the guardian. If your child arrives at destinations not listed on the App (by the guardian) you will receive an alert notification requesting from you to label the destination if it is familiar. You can check the wearer’s location at any time of day by clicking on any of the many notifications that you will receive during the course of your time being separated from your child.

  • Reminders: Yes.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: No.

  • School mode:Yes, the parents can use the App to deactivate sounds for certain times during the day

  • Speed Tracking: Yes.

    The notifications related to the wearer’s location during the course of the day will always include the speed at which he was moving when in transit. A transit log will appear every time the AngelSense device is in movement.

  • Brand-specific functionalities

    • AngelCall: (GPS 2 only).

      This functionality allows you to talk to your child without them having to actually ” take” the call by pressing any buttons. (The child can not call the parents.) This functionality also comes with some options to control the quality of  communication based on the sensitivity of the wearer of the device:

      • You can set the ringtone sound.
      • You can set the device to also vibrate when it rings the child.
      • You can set the ring duration before it automatically answers.
      • You can set the call volume to make sure that your child can hear you speaking – the manufacturers advice that you keep it on 100%.
      • You can set the ring volume to make sure that your child hears it.
    • Late Departure Warning

      This functionality ensures that you as a parent would be notified when your child hasn’t left school yet.

    • Runner Mode

      When you suspect that your child is lost, AngelSense provides a special mode, called  runner mode which includes special tools to search for your child:

      • 10-seconds interval location updates
      • Listen-in to help you locate your child indoors
      • My locations to see the direction and distance to your child
      • First responder alert to activate your First Responder group of trusted people.


  • Ease of set up and usage: Very Basic.

    Setting up the GPS tracker for kids and the AngelSense App seems to be very easy for all users with no complaints with regards to any difficulties. In any event, should you get lost here, you can always have a liveChat  or mail them.

  • Customer Support: Brilliant

    You can have a LiveChat with a customer care specialist on the AngelSense website if you have issues.  This company employed a lot of autism moms as their customer service team – so these people are all current users of theGPS tracker for kids and could be of tremendous help to new customers. According to users all e-mails receive a rapid and caring response.

  • International Usage: No, it is only effective in the US as it is connected to specific service providers.

  • Subscription: Exclusively via AngelSense.

    Each AngelSense Guardian GPS tracker for kids product has its own subscription service to a dedicated mobile network provider – The GPS 1 device connects to either T-mobile’s  network or AT&T’s networks in the United States.  The GPS 2 device connects also to Verizon. A guardian kit consists of the GPS device as well as the embedded SIM card, wearing accessories and parent key. You will have to buy the AngelSense Guardian Kit containing the tracking device as well as a monthly subscription. Currently (May 2017) the company offers 3 different plans (these can change any day so please confirm on the site):a

    *a Starter plan where you can pay $44.99/month (month-to-month) for your standard service plan and a one-time payment of $149 for the Guardian kit containing the GPS device with wearing accessories and the embedded sim card. Your standard service plan includes: unlimited alerts (via email or the mobileApp), unlimited users can download the App and unlimited location updates.

    *a Premium plan where you can pay $39.99/month for your service plan and a one-time payment of $99 for the Guardian kit containing the GPS device with wearing accessories and the embedded sim card. Your  service plan includes: unlimited alerts (via email or the mobileApp), unlimited users can download the App and unlimited location updates PLUS 60 minutes air time/month shared between the AngelCall and Listen-in functionalities. This plan is therefore suitable for a GPS 2 device.

    *a Premium Saver plan where you can pay $33.33/month annual payment for your service plan and a one-time payment of $99 for the Guardian kit containing the GPS device with wearing accessories and the embedded sim card. Your  service plan includes: unlimited alerts (via email or the mobileApp), unlimited users can download the App and unlimited location updates PLUS 60 minutes air time/month shared between the AngelCall and Listen-in functionalities. This plan is therefore suitable for a GPS 2 device.


The AngelSense gps tracker for kids seems to be the perfect choice for special needs children. After reading many reviews on both devices, I’m convinced that this device offers the functionalities and features in line with the capabilities of a special needs child, and maybe specifically Autism and Down syndrome. The special interest of the owner of the company, who is the proud daddy of an Autism boy, makes this product the preferred choice for parents with special needs children. I contacted the suppliers to get clarity with regards to the choice between the GPS 1 product and the GPS 2 product: they advised that some parents still prefer the GPS 1 device mainly as it is quite smaller than the GPS 2 device.

Pros: Designed specifically for special needs children/adults

  • Extremely powerful app functionalities
  • Speed tracking
  • Tamper proof
  • Liste -in functionality
  • Two-way communication (GPS2) without having to ” take” the call.

Cons: Short battery life

  • Battery life not very lengthy – you will probably charge it every day.



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  • Michelle says:

    We love our angelsense tracker! We use it for our teen with autism. He’s a ninja and even knows how to deactivate the door alarms we installed. He loves to go walking along the canal by himself when he’s overwhelmed. I highly recommend angelsense for anyone that has a child with autism.

  • I totally agree with you, Michelle – I have come across very few negative reports on this little device! And, most of all, it gives autistic kids a little bit more freedom and their parents some peace of mind. I appreciate the comment … especially from a parent who’s actually using the device for the purpose it’s been designed for … tracking those ninjas 🙂

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