GizmoPal 2 GPS Watch for Kids

Product Name:GizmoPal2 GPS Watch for Kids
Price Range:US$80-90
Device:Voice clock Watch * Two-way Phone * Water Resistant * Listening-in
App:Geo-Fencing * School Mode
Deal:US$15-110 monthly subscription * Only US * Verizon only * 1yr Warranty
Pros:100% age appropriate
Cons:Verizon only

The GizmoPal2 is a GPS watch for Kids designed by the LG brand and exclusively associated with Verizon. This kiddies wearable is very popular among parents with pre-school children (aged 3 – 6 years).

This GizmoPal2 GPS watch for Kids in pinkGPS watch for Kids is absolutely age appropriate with the bare minimum device features, but enough information displayed via the GizmoHub app. This app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or Itunes store and serves as the parents’ connection with the tracker and therefore, your child. Parents can monitor more than one Gizmo GPS tracker for kids from the same app.

Furthermore, the GizmoHub app allows the parent to track their child in real-time at pre-determined times. Parents can also use the App to set the GizmoPal GPS watch for kids in school mode to avoid distractions in the class room.

Moreover, parents can use the Gizmo Hub App to set up digital fences (geo-fences) with notifications when the child enters or leaves these areas.

Some of the device features include a talking clock, two-way communication between the child and any one of the four care givers, fun sounds, a voice changer, 3 LED lights on the screen to indicate battery, call and signal-strength, etc.

The GPS watch for Kids needs to be connected to a Verizon contract which can  be set up easily and cheaply ($5/month). This contract can be terminated at any time. It is important to note that none of the caregivers connected with this device via the GizmoHub app needs to be on the Verizon network.

We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

GPS Watch for Kids Functionalities

  • Accessories: yes

    • Watch straps in various colors (purple, turquoise, green, pink, red and dark blue).
    • Clip to attach to your child’s belt, bag etc.
    • Screen protector.
    • Screen Stickers.
  • Alarm Clock: No

  • Battery Life: Usage time is up to 2.5 hours  and standby time is up to 9 days

  • Colors: Blue and pink

  • Discreet: Good – it looks like any other kiddies play watch.

    Simply based on the look of tracking devices, some are much more discreet than others. The main purpose of personal tracking is to track the location of the wearer without strangers noticing it. In the case of a crime situation (for example, a kidnapping) a tracking device would most definitely be removed immediately if recognized. Non-wearable tracking devices can be attached much more discreetly than wearables.

  • Entertainment: Yes, but no games to play.

    • Talking watch.
    • Fun sounds. (Press the Play Button to hear a whimsical noise; press it again to hear another.)
    • Voice changer. Listen to your message in the voice of a fun character.
    • No games on this tracker watch which also saves the battery.
  • Listening-In: Yes

    The auto answer function allows the GizmoPal 2 to automatically answer after 10 seconds. This functionality allows caregivers to  audibly monitor the child’s environment for up to 1 minute.

  • Phone Functionality: YesGizmoPal2 GPS watch for Kids in blue and pink

    The GizmoPal2 provides two-way communication. A parent (primary caregiver) and any one of the 3 pre-programmed numbers can phone the watch. The child may also phone any one of 4 authorized phone numbers. These care givers can all have access to the GizmoPal2 location through the GizmoHub.

  • SOS Button: No

  • Size: Quite a bulky watch.

Dimensions: 1.93″(length) x 1.49″(width) x 0.56″ (depth)

  • Tamper Proof: No

    In the case of young children, the elderly or special needs children a tamper-proof device would be most valuable. However, even though many Kids’ devices claim to be tamper-proof, they might just be slightly difficult to get off. The non-wearable tracking devices are normally more difficult to remove than the wearables. There are, however, some truly tamper-proof kids as well as adult tracking devices surfacing these days. So, if not tamper proof, then the device should at least alert the parent or care giver when it has been removed and preferably the last GPS coordinates when it has been removed.

  • Text Messaging: No, not age appropriate.GizmoPal2 GPS watch for Kids in pink

  • Touch Screen: No, not age appropriate.

  • Tracking Range: Good

    The location tracking is provided via built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. As long as the Gizmopal2 is within the Verizon network and picks up a signal it can be tracked.

  • User Age: 3 – 6 years old (preschoolers)

  • Warranty : Yes.

    Labor : 1 Year  and Parts : 1 Year

  • Watch Functionality: voice clock (age appropriate)

    There is no analogue or digital clock, only an age appropriate voice clock which calls out the time. Press and hold the Call Button to hear the time.

  • Water Resistant: Yes

    This Gizmo watch is water-resistant and has been tested to be IPX7 compliant. This means that you cannot run it under water, but if all covers are closed tightly, the device is protected against water ingress to a maximum of 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

App Features

  • App Name: GizmoHub

    The App can be downloaded from the Google Playstore (for Android smart phones) or iTunes (for iPhones).The GizmoHub app is very popular and customer reviews are mostly positive with very few complaints.





  • Activity Tracker: No


  • Compatability: Android and iOS

    The GizmoHub app can be downloaded  onto parents smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher. Data usage applies for app download and use.

  • Geo-Fencing: Yes

    Parents can use the GizmoHub app to set GPS boundaries around the Gizmo device. The tracker will then send notifications to the parents (via the app) when the child crosses these pre-set boundaries. This is of course a great feature specifically for preschoolers who are very inquisitive and tend to wander off.

  • Historical Tracking: No

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes

    The app send a notification to parents when the GizmoPal2 has low battery.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes, but on demand (not continuous).

    Parents can use the app to set location reminders so that they can track their child’s location at certain times during the day. The location can, however, be requested at any time. The tracker does not constantly update the child’s location, which is a battery-saving advantage.

  • Reminders: No.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: No

  • School mode: Yes

    Yes. The sounds can be turned off via the app during the school day.

  • Speed Tracking: No


  • Ease of set up and usage: Very Basic.

    Setting up the watch and the GizmoHub™ app is very basic. The tracker itself is also very child friendly and preschoolers love wearing this watch. They can easily manage operating it on their own.

  • Customer Support: Average

    It seems from the reviews that LG is not very supportive with regards to issues related to the wrist band. They simply tell customers to buy a new wrist band.

  • International Usage: Only US

    The GizmoPal2 might not work when you are travelling outside the US, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.

Review Overview

Pros: Basic GPS Kids tracker, but absolutely age appropriate.

  • Most reviews on the GizmoPal2 applaud the device.
  • Most users report on very accurate GPS readings.
  • Parents report that the GizmoPal2 is quite bulky, but the kids really like it.
  • This is a very good choice for an entry-level GPS tracker for pre-school kids.

Cons: Verizon contract necessary

  • Keep in mind that the caregivers don’t need to be on Verizon contracts, only the GizmoPal2.
  • Most reviews of unhappy clients are related to the wristband not being able to withstand rough handling.



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