KiGO Kids Tracker Watch – with GPS tracking

Product Name:KiGO Kids Tracker Watch
Price Range:US$160-170
Device:Watch * SOS button * Text Messaging (images) * Waterproof
App:Historical Tracking
Deal:US$8-10/month * International Usage * 2 Year Warranty
Pros:International Usage & Waterproof
Cons:Very Few App features

The KiBlue and Pink KiGo Kids Tracker WatchGO watch was previously known as the Kidswatcher and is designed for  kids of all ages. This Dutch designed kids tracker watch was developed with the core focus to track a child. Therefore secondary functionalities are limited to save battery life and to keep the watch small enough that it can be worn comfortably all the time.

Some of the special features of the KiGo kids tracker watch is that it can monitor your child’s movements internationally indoors as well as outdoors. This tracking functionality is normally a shortfall of many of the GPS tracking devices. As a result, parents cannot track their kids inside a building, like the mall.

This kids tracker watch is also waterproof and not just splash proof – so, your child can actually swim with it.

With an SOS button which sends alert notifications to all contacts, we have found this GPS tracking watch a simplistic, but highly effective player in the field.

We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

GPS Tracker Watch Functionalities

  • Accessories: No.

  • Alarm Clock: No.Blue KiGo Kids Tracker Watch

  • Battery Life: about 24 hrs.

    The battery takes two hours to charge and will normally last about 2 days before it needs to be re-charged.

  • Colors: Two color schemes.

    Wild wave blue (blue wrist band and white face) and morning rose pink (pink wrist band and white face).

  • Discreet: Yes. Looks just like any digital watch.

  • Entertainment: No.

    The KiGo kids tracker watch  features a small, but very useful little flashlight.

  • Listening-In: No

  • Phone Functionality: No

  • SOS Button: Yes.

    When your child activates the SOS button on the KiGO watch, the Loox App will immediately notify you with a loud alarm. The notification will indicate the precise location of the KiGO GPS Tracker watch. The KiGO has two buttons only: the action button is on the left side and the scroll button on the right side. To send an SOS alarm, the child can simply press any one of the two buttons for a few seconds.

  • Size: small and light

    The dimensions are: 1.69 in. (L) x 1.34 in. (W) x 0.39 in. (D). The wristband is manufactured from a strong synthetic material and it closes with Velcro. This ensures that the kids tracker watch can be adjusted to any wrist size and therefore worn by anybody.

  • Tamper Proof: No, but it does have a tamper alarm.

  • Text Messaging: Yes, using images only.

    You can send and receive messages between the Loox app and the KiGO kids tracker watch. You and your child can both select images from the image gallery and share it in order to facilitate a basic, but useful, way of communication. Messaging is based on images only to ensure that children/adults with no or low  readability can actually communicate using this tracker watch.

  • Touch Screen: No.

    The screen is a 0.96 in. 64k color OLED and manufactured from ultra strong glass which is nearly unbreakable. There is no need for a screen shield to protect the screen of your kids tracker watch.

  • Tracking Range: Excellent.

    This GPS kids tracker watch uses GPS satellite tracking, GSM as well as WiFi to track your child anywhere in the world – whether inside a building or outside.

  • User Age: Any.

  • Warranty: Yes.

    2 years warranty with a 14 day returning policy.

  • Watch Functionality: Yes.

    The KiGO GPS tracker watch has a digital  display. You can choose a 12 hour or 24 hour format from the Loox app.

    You child can customize the watch face from the watch menu to show different designs.

  • Water Resistant: Yes.

    This Kids GPS tracker watch is one of very few which are actually waterproof – IPX8 level. The KiGO watch is water resistant until a maximum of 3 meters. So, yes, your child can actually swim with it.

  • What’s in the box?KiGo Kids Tracker Watch in box

    The following items are included in the KiGO  package:

      • a KiGO Tracking watch,
      • a magnetic USB charging cable,
      • a USB adapter,
      • a quick start up guide.

App Features

  • App Name: Loox

    You can download the Loox App  from The Google Play store (for Android smart phones) or iTunes (for iPhones).This is a smart tracking app that utilizes GPS, WIFI and GSM (2G or 3G) to detect location. You can set up multiple KiGO tracking devices to see all your children’s locations together on one map.


  • Activity Tracker: No

  • Compatibility: The app can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.

  • Geo-Fencing: No.

    Please note that some other tracking devices which do have geo-fencing capabilities also use the Loox app. However, since the KiGO GPS tracker watch does not have that functionality, you can not add the KiGO watch to your comfort zones shown on the app.

  • Historical Tracking (timeline): No

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes.

    If you tap the map on the Loox app in the bottom left corner you will see an accurate location of your child/children. So, location on demand is available and not continuous location updates. You can also navigate to your child by connecting the map on the Loox app directly to Google maps on your phone.

  • Reminders: Yes

    You have a Buzzer functionality whereby you can alert your child of a message sent or just remind them that you are waiting for communication from their side.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: Yes.

    A small infrared light sensor on the inside of the KiGO wristband detects when tsomeone removed the GPS Tracker watch. The KiGO will then send an alert notification via the Loox app on your smart phone.

  • School mode: No

  • Speed Tracking: No

  • User manual: Download here.



  • Customer Support: email

    Phone: +31207761799 . Are you in the US? Please call: +13473528102

  • International Usage: Yes.

    You can use the GPS tracker watch worldwide with only a few countries left out. View a complete list of all the countries available on the KiGO website.

  • Subscription: Built-in sim card with 2 monthly subscriptions: European or Worldwide.

    The Kigo watch has an integrated SIM-on-chip which means that you don’t have to worry about buying a sim card. The KiGO tracking watch is available for about 189 (about $210) . The integrated sim-on-chip is provided by Vodafone and it connects to all major networks worldwide. Two monthly subscription models are available:  6/month (or $6.67/month) for unlimited connection in Europe and 8/month (or $8.92/month) for unlimited connection worldwide. There is no contract and you can stop the subscription any time.

    You can  also put your subscription in “idle” mode when you’re not using the tracker by simply sending an email to  Your monthly subscription will then only be  2/month (or $2.23/month) instead of your normal subscription. You can do this for a maximum period of 6 months.

Review Summary

The KiGO watch  is an excellent tracking wearable designed with the core focus to track the wearer. If you are serious about tracking a child (or an adult) then this watch is a very good option. Some users stated that it does not have a wide range of functionalities, but does the basics very well. It confirms that this watch was not designed to be a smart watch with entertaining bells and whistles – this is actually a serious GPS tracking watch hiding behind a clean, functional good looking blue or pink face. Some reviewers also comment on the fact that it works very well in the US as long as you’ve got AT&T or T-mobile reception. There are not many complaints about the watch – reviewers did complain about the limited amount of features offered considering the price tag.

Pros: Can track your child indoors and internationally

  • Tracking internationally
  • Excellent tracking accuracy indoors and outdoors
  • Strong scratch proof screen made from Corning Gorilla glass 4
  • Waterproof
  • Tamper alert alarm
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • No age restriction

Cons: No geo-fencing and few features

  • Most Kids’ GPS trackers have the functionality to set digital fences around safe or non-safe areas in order to receive alerts when the child enters and leaves these areas. This is a very useful functionality not offered by the KiGO watch.
  • This watch has limited features compared to other kids’tracking devices.



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