The Paw Tracker – a Kids Tracker

Product Name:PawTracker
Price Range:US$95-105
Device:Water proof & Shock proof
App:Historical Tracking * Geo-Fencing
Deal:Own T-Mobile contract * Only US * Only T-Mobile * 6-month Warranty
Pros:Water proof & Shock Proof
Cons:Only in T-Mobile cover area

The PawTracker is a small and light tracking device designed specifically with furry kids in mind. As a result, the Paw Tracker is also an excellent Kids Tracker for our not-so-furry kids.

Pet Tracker & Kids Tracker | Blue with Blue Collar

This little device has an easy-to-use mobile app attached to it – the ReachFar App. It allows you to locate your kid in minutes and track their activity history on your mobile device.

The PawTracker uses 3 different types of communication to get a location fix on your kid: GPS, GSM and WPS. It shows that location in the ReachFar app.

In addition, this kids tracker also has geo-fencing functionality and sends notifications when your kid  leaves or enters a specific zone. You as a parent control this functionality using the App to set geo-fences around certain areas.

You can also use the app to do historical tracking of your precious child (whether furry or not) to find out where the kiddie has been over the past 24 hours.

The fact that the Paw Tracker is waterproof and shock proof makes it a great choice for bigger dogs which tend to love their swimming and rolling activities!


We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

kids Tracker  functionalities

  • Accessories: Yes.  The Paw Tracker comes with a collar clip.

    You can buy additional collar clips if needed.

  • Alarm Clock: No

  • Battery Life: Up to 5 days depending on the tracking frequency.

    Battery life is impacted by the strength of your Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Similar to your cell phone, it depends on usage as well as your environment. The App will send you a notification when the tracker’s battery needs to be charged.

  • Colors: Gold, Silver and Blue

  • Discreet: No.

    If you want to use the Paw Tracker to track your pet, it cannot really be discreet as it is attached to the collar. However, if you use the Paw Tracker to monitor your child or vehicle, you can hide it in a school bag or in your teen’s car!

  • Cat wearing a Tracking device in gold | Paw Tracker | Kids Tracker | Pet TrackerEntertainment: None.

  • Listening-In: No.

  • Phone Functionality: No.

  • SOS Button: No

  • Size:  1.85″(length) x 1.97″(width) x 0.6″ (depth)

    Only one size available.

  • Tamper Proof: 100% tamper proof for dogs!

  • Text Messaging: No.

  • Touch Screen: No.

  • Tracking Range: Depends on cellular service

    The Paw Tracker device has no maximum tracking range – it makes use of satellite technology to determine the tracker’s location, and GPRS networks  to send this information to the Paw Tracker servers. This means that as long as the kids tracker is within your  T-mobile network reception area and has a GPS  connection, it will continue to send location notifications to the mobile app.

  • User Age: Pets mainly.

    It can, however, be used to track anyone or anything.

  • Warranty: 6-month Warranty and 14-day money-back

  • Watch Functionality: No.

  • What is in the box?

    The following items are included when you buy the Paw Tracker (Note that the kids tracker cannot be activated unless a data plan has been signed up for – see info further down):

    • a Paw Tracker device
    • a micro USB cable for charging
    • instruction manual
    • sim card
  • Water Resistant: Yes, waterproof & Shock proof.

App Features

  • App Name: ReachFar™

    The Paw Tracker pushes information to your smart phone via the ReachFar GPS Tracking App available from Google Play for Android or iTunes for iOS devices.




  • Compatibility: Android and iOS. The App can also be downloaded onto your PC .
  • Geo-Fencing: Yes

    With the ReachFar App you as parent can set as many Geo-fences around the kids tracker as you desire with no size limit.

  • Historical Tracking: Yes.

    You can check what you pet’s been up to during the past 24 hours.

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes

    The app sends a notification to the ReachFar App when the tracker has low battery.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes.

  • Reminders: No.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: No.

  • School mode: No.

  • Speed Tracking: No.



  • Ease of set up and usage: Users seem to be fine with it.

  • Customer Support: Good

  • International Usage: No, this kids tracker works only in the US and only in the T-Mobile coverage areas. Check here.

  • User manual: A hard copy is included in the box. Watch this video.

  • Subscription: A T-mobile subscription .


Review summary:


Review rate: 4/5


Included here is the advice from the users as well as the customer support team.

The Kids Tracker:

  • To start up the device, you press and hold the button on the paw. When it comes on, lights flash on the little paw toes to let you know it’s working. You can also set the lights to flash once the sun goes down so you can see where your pet is in the dark.Press the button three times to shut it down.
  • If the collar that comes with the device is too big for your pet, just open the clasp and clip it onto your pet’s own collar.
  • To re-set (hard-start/re-callibrate) your Paw Tracker when it is not working properly and showing inaccurate location fixes:
    • Fully charge the device for 2 hrs
    • Take the device outside and turn off the device by pushing the middle button 3 times fast.
    • Wait 15 seconds
    • Then press & hold the Paw Tracker button down for 5 seconds to turn on the device again.
    • Leave the device for 15 minutes outside.
    • The Paw Tracker uses GPS, GSM and WiFi to locate your pet.

The App:

  • You can also monitor the Paw Tracker from your PC (Go to and click on the British flag to change the language to English) and not just the app.

The Deal:

  • Paw Tracker partnered with T-mobile to offer their data service – so check that you’re in their reception area.
  • Setting up and getting started:

    This Kids Tracker comes securely packaged with an attached collar lock and USB alligator charging clip.

    Before first use, please:

    • Charge the PawTracker for a full two (2) hours.
    • Take the PawTracker outside where you have a clear view of the sky.
    • If the the PawTracker is off, press and hold power button until all lights illuminate (about five (5) seconds).
    • Place the PawTracker on ground or table and leave for 15 minutes.

    Login to the ReachFar App:

    Use the ‘Device ID’ (found on back of The PawTracker) and password you were emailed after signing up for a membership plan to login to “ReachFar” on your mobile device.


  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • Tracking accuracy limited by the Carrier (T-mobile) coverage.




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Try the Paw Tracker for 30 days!

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