Tick Talk 1.0S Kids GPS Watch

Product Name:TickTalk 1.0S Kids GPS Watch
Price Range:US$125-130
Device:Digital Watch * Stop Watch * Alarm clock * SOS button * 2-way phone * 1-way Text Messaging * Voice messaging * Touch screen * Splash proof * Listen-in
App:Historical Tracking * Activity Tracker * School Mode
Deal:US$ 10-20/month * Only US * Only T-Mobile * 1 year Warranty
Pros:Many features * Voice messaging
Cons:Only T-mobile

The TickTalk Kids GPS Watch is a GPS tracker and a phone watch joined in one funky little device. Apart from the tracking features using GPS, GSM and LBS to get a location fix on the watch, it also offers two-way phone functionality. This means that you can phone your child and he/she can answer and talk to you. Bearing in mind that this watch was designed for kids from the age of 4 years old up to 12 years old, text functionality is only one-way. Anyone of the contacts that you, as the parent, programmed into the watch, can send text messages to the watch, but the child can only respond with either a phone call or a voice message. Even though the watch does not offer geo-fencing whereby you select a “safe-zone”  for the child, there are many other features to counter act for this short coming.


We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

Kids GPS Watch Functionalities

  • Accessories: No.

  • Alarm Clock: Yes

    You can set 8 different alarms which can act as reminders for your child. These alarms can be set as once-off pre-sets and you don’t need to update it daily.

  • Battery Life: Stand-by time is up to 48 hours.

  • Colors: Blue, pink and black.

  • Discreet: Yes.

    The watch looks just like any digital watch and doesn’t look at all like a GPS tracking device.

  • Entertainment: No games to drain the battery.

  • Listening-In: Yes.

    TickTalk calls the Listening-in functionality Super Hearing. When you activate Super Hearing from the App, the TickTalk Watch will automatically call you (the parent or anyone of the contact numbers uploaded on the phone) , but the watch will be in silent mode. The preset Listener can hear the surrounding sounds of the TickTalk watch.  For the privacy of your child, TickTalk advises parents to be careful to use this function.

  • Phone Functionality: Yes, two-way communication.

    Up to 13 contacts, including the parents and an emergency number, can be pre-set on the TickTalk Watch.

  • Size: 1.4 in. (l) x 1.6 in. (w)

  • SOS Button: Yes.

    All contacts in this kids GPS watch contact list will receive a notification of an SOS call.

  • Tamper Proof: No

    It does, however, sends a tamper alert notification to the app when the watch is removed.

  • Text Messaging: Yes.

    One-way text  and two-way voice messaging: The TickTalk kids GPS watch can receive text messages but can’t send – the TickTalk designers decided that it is not age appropriate – the screen is small and it is not easy to type. Some of the users are young kids who can’t yet spell or type properly. They have therefore decided on voice messaging from the TickTalk Watch to any of the contacts. When your child receives your text message, he/she can either voice message you back or call you back.

  • Touch Screen:Yes.

  • Tracking Range: The tracking range depends on cell phone reception.

  • User Age: 4 – 12 years old.

  • Warranty: TickTalk offers a one-year warranty

  • Watch Functionality: Yes.

    This kids GPS watch has a digital display. It also features a calendar, calculator and a stop watch.

  • Water Resistant: Not waterproof, but splash proof.

    It cannot be submerged into water, but it will still function if it gets water splashed onto it.



App Features

  • App Name: TickTalk App

You can down load the Tick Talk App from Google Playstore (for android smart phones) or iTunes (for iPhones).




  • Activity Tracker: Yes.

    This TickTalk kids GPS watch features a pedometer with tasks and rewards which can be activated from the TickTalk App.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android and iOS.

    The app can be downloaded from iTunes onto an iPhone,and for android devices, the app can be downloaded from Google Play store.

  • Geo-Fencing: No.

  •  Historical Tracking (timeline):Yes.

    You can view a history of the movements of your child over a period of time.

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes.

    You will receive a notification when the kids GPS watch’s battery is running low.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes.

  • Reminders: Yes.

    You can use the alarm functionality to set reminders for your child.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: Yes.

    The TickTalk Watch is equipped with a built-in motion sensor that will trigger an alert notification when your child (or someone else) removed the watch.

  • School mode: Yes.

    You have two ways to avoid the kids GPS watch to distract your child during the school time.
    1. You can  remotely turn off the watch through your TickTalk App.
    2. You can also put the watch on silence mode. Swipe the screen of the watch and find the speaker icon: you can then choose either ringtone mode or silence mode by double clicking on the selected icon.

  • Speed Tracking: No.


  • Ease of set up and usage: Fine

  • Customer Support: Contact details: 714-578-6719 or Support@goxdream.com

  • International Usage: No, only US.

  • Subscription: TickTalk contracts available – see Advic below.

Review Summary


Included here is advice from the users as well as the customer support team.

The Device:

  • If the screen freezes, click the screen to change the clock inter ace and then gently swipe the screen to go back to the main interface.
  • To activate Silent mode:On the watch end, you will see a speaker icon. When you select the speaker icon, you can set it to ring mode or silent mode.
  • If you get messages on the watch in Chinese, you can send a text message “LANG,0#” from your cell phone to the phone number of the watch to change it to English.

The App:

  • You can down load the Tick Talk App from Google Playstore (for android smart phones) or iTunes (for iPhones).
  • The Factory password on the app: 123456

The Deal:

  • The sim card provided in the box is used with Ultra mobile – you can also buy your own T-mobile sim with coverage . Make sure you get the cell phone plan with data and NOT the wearable plan, tablet plan or Pay as you Go plan.
  • Your free 1-month service is activated using the information from an orange piece of paper found inside the box. It does take a day then to activate the watch as you have to send an e-mail with a copy of the receipt of your purchase.
  • You can activate the sim card also from the website address indicated on the sim card which allows you to select a subscription plan  which allows free international calls to 30 countries.
  • Set-up video: Click here.


  • alarm
  • auto sleep/school mode
  • text & voice messaging to the watch from the app
  • listen-in (Super Hearing) functionality without the child knowing that you phoned
  • call quality very good
  • can change the language of the watch to either English or Mandarin.
  • well-designed and nice looking
  • customer service is located in the US –  they are very helpful.


  • some complaints about the app being difficult to understand and a bit non-American. The app is,however, updated and improved regularly.
  • location fixes inaccurate when it doesn’t use GPS: click on locate a few times until it shows that it is using GPS for a location fix (which is very accurate even indoors)
  • you can only use T-Mobile (2G) as your carrier – make sure that you are not near new T-moble towers which would not be a 2G network
  • voice messages from the watch are limited to 5 seconds





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