Yepzon One Personal GPS tracking device

Product Name:Yepzon One GPS Tracker
Price Range:US$125-135
Device:Battery life of 2 weeks-2 months * Splash proof
App:Historical tracking
Deal:US$10-11/mo * T-Mobile 2G network * 24 mo Warranty
Pros:Long battery life * International use
Cons:No geo- fencing


Yepzon One on Maltese poodleThe Yepzon One  is the perfect GPS Tracking device if you’re simply interested in locating your treasures without all the additionalfeatures offered by many other products.  This tracker is specifically usefull to track children or adults who cannot comfortably operate a device with communication functionality.

In return for the lack of many features like an SOS button, geo-fencing, phone functionality, etc. the battery life of this tracking device is way better than most other products comparable to the Yepzon One. You could easily chanrge this GPS tracker only once every 2 weeks when used with average tracking frequency. With a tracking frequency of once daily, your Yepzon One could last for weeks or even months!

The Yepzon One is also one of very few GPS locators which could be used in many different countries. This could mean that you could even track your toddlers when going on an overseas trip, provided you pay additional roaming fees (see further below).

If you are concerned about your pets, this is a very good tracking device to locate them. Even though the device itself is not 100% waterproof, you can simply place it in a ziplock platic bag inside the protective pouch and off you go!

We have done the research for you on the following features and functionalities:

Yepzon One GPS Tracker Black protective bagTracking device Functionalities

  • Accessories: Yes.

    You can buy a protective case and a carabiner separately.

  • Alarm Clock: No

  • Battery Life: 7-14 days average depending on the tracking frequency.

    Battery life is normally 1 – 2 weeks with the default settings. However, if you change the tracking frequency and the tracker connects for example, only once a day, the battery could last for weeks. Remember that fewer connections will save your battery and your data!  The level of movement of the tracking device has an impact on the battery life – every time the device moves, a little bit of battery as well as data is used. Keep in mind that the battery life is shortened by freezing temperatures.

    It takes around 2.5 hours to charge an empty battery. The device will show “100%”when fully charged – don’t interrupt the charging process as that will result in the battery running down faster. the manufacturers advise you to charge the battery at least once every 3 months whether necessary or not – otherwise the battery might drain completely and malfunction. For safety reasons -do not charge the battery in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Yepzon One Charging portColors: White

  • Discreet: Yes. Depends completely on where you attach the device.

  • Entertainment: None.

  • Listening-In: No.

  • Phone Functionality: No.

  • SOS Button: No.

  • Size:  3.35″(length) × 1.8″(width) × 0.67″ (depth)

  • Tamper Proof: Depends where it is attached.

  • Text Messaging: No.

  • Touch Screen: No.

    There are also no buttons on this tracking device.

  • yepzon One on kids bagTracking Range: Depends on cellular service

    The Yepzon One has no maximum tracking range.  The GPS Tracker makes use of satellite technology to determine the tracker’s location. It then uses GSM/GPRS networks as well as Bluetooth  to send this information to the Yepzon servers. This means that as long as the Yepzon One is within your  network reception area and has a GPS  connection, it will continue to send location notifications to the mobile app.

App Features


  • Compatibility: The App can be downloaded onto most smart phones and tablets, but not computers.

    You can connect your Yepzon GPS Tracking device to the following smartphones or a tablets :

    • Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC
    • iPhone 4S or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0))
    • Android 4.3 or newer + NFC OR Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0)

  • Yepzon App showing Location on a map Geo-Fencing: No.

  • Historical Tracking: Yes.

    You can check what your child, pet or elderly mother been up to over a period of time. Yepzon saves the last 100 entries

  • Low Battery Alert: Yes.

    The tracker sends a notification to the Yepzon App when the tracker has low battery.

  • Real Time Tracking: Yes.

    Yepzon uses 3 different tracking methods to locate the GPS Tracking device:

    • GPS satellite tracking
    • Mobile phone location based tracking
    • Bluetooth Smart signal tracking
  • Reminders: No.

  • Tamper Alert Alarm: No.

  • School mode: No.

  • Speed Tracking: No.


Yepzon One Camouflage color protective bagGeneral

  • Ease of set up and usage: Easy enough to sync the GPS tracker and the Yepxon App.

  • Customer Support Team:  This company is based in Finland.

    Central switch board:+358 10 286 6115

    Email support: or

    People commend the support team for helping customers timeously and in a friendly manner.

  • International Usage:Yes, this device can be used anywhere in the world as long as it can get cellular reception.

    Be aware that there are roaming charges if you want to use the Yepzon GPS Tracking device outside of the United States or EU areas (*including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland).

    If you want to use your Yepzon GPS tracker outside Europe, USA or Russia, you need to buy roaming time. Yepzon provides data roaming packs for two regions: Region C and Region D, explained below.

    Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Uzbekistan

    Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Macedonia, Pakistan, Panama, Qatar

    2 DAYS US$7 US$16.33
    5 DAYS US$17.50 US$41.99
    7 DAYS US$24.49 US$58.32
    14 DAYS US$48.99 US$117.57
    21 DAYS US$73.48 US$176.35
    28 DAYS US$97.97

    *Prices correct at time of publishing: July 2017.

  • User manual: Check it out here. You can also view this video.

  • Subscription: This GPS tracker works on the T-Mobile 2G network.

    When you buy the Yepzon One Tracking device, your price includes 5MB of data on the embedded sim. This data is enough for about 1 month’s active usage. After that you can sign up for an 11-month agreement whereby you receive limitless data at US$10.43/month.



 Review summary:

Current number of reviews: 260-300

Review rate: 3.8 / 5


Included here is advice from the users as well as the customer support team.

The Yepzon GPS Tracker:

  • Some dog owners wrote in their reviews that they put the Yepzon GPS tracker in a ziplock bag before putting it in the protective pouch – and this seems to work perfectly protecting the tracker from water damage.

The App:

  • The Yepzon One Tracking device connects to the T-Mobile’s 2G network – if you are not in their cover area it might be good to consider buying the Yepzon Freedom which is a 3G personal tracker which also makes use of WiFI for indoor tracking.

The Deal:

  • The fact that you receive your first month’s data included in the purchase price, is definitely a plus here.


  • If you’re looking for a GPS tracker with a long battery life, then the Yepzon One is definitely a good choice.
  • You can use this tracker in different countries with minor additional roaming fees.
  • There are no buttons on this GPS tracker, which means that the wearer cannot tamper with the device and accidentally switch it off.



  • The Yepzon One has very limited features compared to other similar GPS trackers – this, however, contributes to the extended battery life.
  • The tracking speed once the device has been “asleep” for a while seems to be not ideal.

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